Sunday, 31 October 2010

Story Concept - 1

TIMMY.COM – Story Concept 1

The Internet is a vast landscape of data constantly being trafficked from one place to another, a focal point of information that contains all of societies secrets. The Internet is being taken over and used as a weapon.
Timmy is a normal teenage boy. He loves videogames and comics, movies and seeing the few friends he has. He’s never quite fitted in at school and little does he now that he will become the saviour of humanity.
Aliens exist. They’re a lame breed of creatures that live as nomads in their flying saucers. Their technology is generally terrible and they have pretty much no weaponry. They live their lives hooked to daytime TV that they hack from Earth’s signals, and eat fast food all day long that they steal in vast quantities from the planet surface. They’re fat, ugly, pretty immobile and completely useless. Yet they want the planet earth for themselves. After watching so much TV and seeing how well armed and protected the human race is they decide the only way to rid the planet of humans would be to use the internet and all the info stored on there against them. They put in charge their best hacker; Boob in charge of the assault. There he hacks his way into the internet mainframe and unleash a pack of virus’ onto the net.
They are misdirected onto a fileshare site however and are suddenly downloaded onto an oblivious teenager’s computer. That teenager, is Timmy.
He notices his computer acting up with various virus warnings. He calls his out of luck friend Seth round to sort the problem before he can make it worse. Just as he puts the phone down he slams the monitor’s screen in frustration only for his hand to go through it like it was made of jelly. He is suddenly wrenched from his seat and pulled through the monitor just as his friend Seth walks into the room.
Seth screams with both excitement and horror and rushes to sit down in the small squeaky chair. He flicks on the webcam and sticks on a microphone then opens up a chatbox.
He directs Timmy through a vicious battle with a large wooden Trojan horse on the desktop of his computer.
Timmy uses the cursor as his main weapon, blasting the vehicle to pieces.
Suddenly a swarm of 7 pixel monsters scramble out and knocks Timmy unconscious. They then jump into the internet shortcut to infect the rest of the net.
Timmy is woken up soon after by Seth right clicking him and pressing “wake up”.
Seth explains that he thinks it’s an alien conspiracy trying to take over the world. Just as he explains his theory another chatbox opens on the desktop with a black shades and suit wearing man. He explains that he works for Area 51 (or something like that) and that aliens exist and have invaded the internet to use it for their own nefarious plans.
Seth has a bit of a geekasm at the sheer awesomeness that is happening. Timmy however is less pleased.
The secret agent only known as Agent Barbara (which is something Seth finds hilarious cause he’s a man.) tells Timmy it is up to him to save the planet from extinction. When Timmy asks why it’s his responsibility Agent Barbara or “Babs” as Seth calls him explains that because Timmy is the one who downloaded the virus’ onto his computer, only he has the power to delete them.
So Timmy starts on his quest to destroy the virus’ infection of the internet as they slowly multiply and spread.
The alien hacker Boob occasionally deters Timmy through chatboxes as he hacks into the sites to make things harder for him and Seth does the same to help Timmy.
The banter between Boob, Seth and Agent Barbara should on epic proportions as Seth rips Babs and Boob for their names and Agent Barbara takes everything seriously. Boob just blunders and geeks his way through it, getting occasionally very angry and frustrated.
With these three characters battling over the chatboxes Timmy is left to fight the war against the virus’ over the net.
All of this culminates in a final battle with a mega virus monster at the edge of global destruction on the nuclear weapons launch site…

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