Sunday, 31 October 2010

Production Log - Week 5

Pre- production on the game has progressed a lot in one week. Jordan completed more designs for Seth.

These designs show a Seth that is a lot older with the key physical traits of previous designs. We've decided that the older Seth is our preferred design and have chosen to go with the whole "older out-of-college student that's unemployed and lives in his parents basement" kinda guy.

Will has done some sketches for possible enemies including the virus'. One design that everyone took to was the blobby, flesh type beings that can be designed with multiple personalities and looks. These are too organic looking to be the virus' so Jordan came up with the idea of them being previous people that have been sucked into the internet and left there to rot.

Will also conceptualised some shield type characters with Rayman style floating hands. Being as they are shield shaped and shields being the symbol for defence we thought these better suit the role of the anti-virus protectors that hunt down Timmy in the latter stages of the game.

We also have some very basic virus designs from Will that lead artists Jacob and Jordan will need to flesh out more. The one that we all like being a pixel monster in vain to the Space Invaders enemies.

Jacob has done even more designs for our main man Timmy. This time focusing on the costumes for him. we wanted to go down the whole geeky, yet slightly cool route so we've decided on a bow-tie, shirt and trainers combo.

As for the pitch which we will be doing very soon, Joe has done a basic template for the powerpoint presentation. It's very simple, clean and sleek which matches the whole technology/internet theme of the game. This will be fleshed out more once everyone had decided what they are going to be talking about in their segments of the pitch.

We also decided on some marketing directions we would like to go down for the game which will be detailed in the next blog post.


Will saved the day (yeah seriously) by coming up with a name for the game that everyone immediately loved: TIMMY.COM

It's simple, iconic and captures the whole game into one. Love it.


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