Thursday, 14 October 2010

Production Logs - Week 1

Just to recap everything that has happened the past few weeks and how far we've come, here are my production logs, starting from week 1.

I was off ill on the first Friday in which our team was formed. While I was away Will Larcombe stepped up to be team leader and came up with a game design of a strategic music based game in which the player plays as a band manager trying to manage his band to the top.

Gameplay would be similar to that of Football Manager and would focus on being a simple enough game so that most people would just be able to pick up and play, so naturally an Arcade title.

Mike (Tutor) suggested there needed to be plenty more meat on the bones when it comes to the actual gameplay for the game being as the game was lacking in a certain play-style with a story and characters etc.

The team agreed that the idea needed fleshing out more.

End Of Week 1.

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