Thursday, 14 October 2010

Production Log - Week 3

A lot changed within our team on the Friday meeting of week 3.

Will gave his opinion that the game concept that we had initially decided on was not something he was keen on carrying on with. he felt the idea had been done before and that the scope may just be too large for us to take on.

Joe agreed that we needed to all thing of a new idea.

Being team leader, I didn't want anyone in the team unhappy with what we was making as that would bring the whole group morale down like the past few weeks so I suggested we all start from scratch and begin anew.

We started off with brainstorming a few ideas of game scenarios, characters, genres etc to help us get a head start in what direction we wanted to go in.

A few points we came up with were:

- point & click (genre)
- Choices in game that effect the story outcome
-Distinctive storyline with developed characters
- Addictive gameplay
-Keep the game simple
-Strong soundtrack
-Distinctive art style
-Run & Gun (Genre)

Will came up with the idea of doing a Run & Gun game similar to the style of the old Metal Slug's and Contra's which everyone immediately agreed would be something they'd like to do.

We all decided pretty quickly that story and character-wise we didn't want to go down the military/army route as that has been done many times before and in this day & age feels pretty stale.

We brainstormed again for ideas on what we would like to include in our Run & Gun game.

We came up with the following:
-Different sections of the game condensed into the demo.
- Fantasy cartoon characters.
-Keep the controls simple and intuitive.
-Switch perspectives in certain key points of the game.
-Comic Style.
-Japanese character??
-Guitar (weapons)
-Pet Goat (LOLWHUT)
-Normal teenage boy (character)

We then after about half an hour of brainstorming came up with a concept that became the final game idea and has set the ball rolling for our FMP...

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