Thursday, 14 October 2010

Pre Production Log week 2

Week 2 was when I joined the group the following Monday. Once I'd been filled in on the game concept and where the group was headed I assumed the role of games designer and endeavoured to add more to the game like Mike suggested so that there was actual gameplay involved.

We though of a possible side-scroller in the same style as Scott Pilgrim VS The World that has some strategic elements in it that could effect the character you play as and his abilities throughout the game. This would keep the foundational elements of strategy that was discussed in the first game concept yet added more on to it to widen the audience appeal more.

The group however failed to truly conceptualise this idea and left unsatisfied with what we had. Jordan and I discussed that we should pitch my game design; Fragmented to the group in the friday lesson and see what they think as we wasn't entirely convinced that the older game concept of strategy and menu based gameplay would be the best idea for us to work on.

On the Friday I pitched the game to the rest of the group and said I would be happy to step up as team leader once Will showed an interest in stepping down as he had less ideas for the game itself. We decided on working on Fragmented.


Part 3D third person shooter that due to not being a full dev team we would only be able to do concept art for these parts.
Part 2D platformer which is what we'd focus on creating for our demo.
The game is based on the journey of a schizophrenic man who lives in his head in a cartoon world (2D platform stages) and in the real world (3D stages) gets caught up in a gang war in the streets of New York City while trying to rescue his girlfriend. The cute and cuddly monsters from his cartoon mind started to enter the real world.

We decided we would just work on the 2D sections of the game for our demo and then do concept art for the 3D sections which would then show that we have much grander plans for the game given we had the right resources.

End Of Week 2

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