Friday, 15 October 2010

Game - Level Design

Level Structure:

In each level (7 in total) there will be-

Act 1- Standard platform section
Act 2- Standard platform section
Act 3-Chase scene
Act 4- Boss

In order to defeat the virus' Timmy has to lure them out of the website's "homeworld" and into the main homepage where they are vulnerable.

Therefore the chase scene will be a 3rd person vehicle/ sprint action sequence where the player controls Timmy and runs away from the main boss until they reach a portal that takes them to the 2D homepage back on the internet where the boss will then follow and become vulnerable. The boss fights will be set in a 2D mock version of the popular site's homepage.

Little Notes and Thoughts:

-Timmy during the chase scenes will have to call Seth and get him to hack into the website and open up a portal leading them to the homepage.

- Seth acts as the guide in the game therefore at certain times he will hack into the sites to help Timmy by either destroying enemies, dropping power-ups which are basically hacks that grant him special abilities, leaving him vehicles and so on.

- On one chase scene, Timmy is frantically escaping a closely pursuing boss. He's shouting for Seth to open up the portal cause the boss is catching up, a small window in-game appears in the corner of the screen showing a totally calm Seth grabbing food in the fridge downstairs while Timmy is fleeing for his life.

-The first boss battle with the Trojan Horse, there is the possibility of having the glare of the screen noticeable as if we're seeing it from Seth's perspective and as he shouts instructions to the panicking Timmy, flecks of spit will hit the screen obscuring the player's view.

-Saving the game could appear as a "Save As...Choose Location" etc. As if saving a document.

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