Sunday, 31 October 2010

Story Concept - 1

TIMMY.COM – Story Concept 1

The Internet is a vast landscape of data constantly being trafficked from one place to another, a focal point of information that contains all of societies secrets. The Internet is being taken over and used as a weapon.
Timmy is a normal teenage boy. He loves videogames and comics, movies and seeing the few friends he has. He’s never quite fitted in at school and little does he now that he will become the saviour of humanity.
Aliens exist. They’re a lame breed of creatures that live as nomads in their flying saucers. Their technology is generally terrible and they have pretty much no weaponry. They live their lives hooked to daytime TV that they hack from Earth’s signals, and eat fast food all day long that they steal in vast quantities from the planet surface. They’re fat, ugly, pretty immobile and completely useless. Yet they want the planet earth for themselves. After watching so much TV and seeing how well armed and protected the human race is they decide the only way to rid the planet of humans would be to use the internet and all the info stored on there against them. They put in charge their best hacker; Boob in charge of the assault. There he hacks his way into the internet mainframe and unleash a pack of virus’ onto the net.
They are misdirected onto a fileshare site however and are suddenly downloaded onto an oblivious teenager’s computer. That teenager, is Timmy.
He notices his computer acting up with various virus warnings. He calls his out of luck friend Seth round to sort the problem before he can make it worse. Just as he puts the phone down he slams the monitor’s screen in frustration only for his hand to go through it like it was made of jelly. He is suddenly wrenched from his seat and pulled through the monitor just as his friend Seth walks into the room.
Seth screams with both excitement and horror and rushes to sit down in the small squeaky chair. He flicks on the webcam and sticks on a microphone then opens up a chatbox.
He directs Timmy through a vicious battle with a large wooden Trojan horse on the desktop of his computer.
Timmy uses the cursor as his main weapon, blasting the vehicle to pieces.
Suddenly a swarm of 7 pixel monsters scramble out and knocks Timmy unconscious. They then jump into the internet shortcut to infect the rest of the net.
Timmy is woken up soon after by Seth right clicking him and pressing “wake up”.
Seth explains that he thinks it’s an alien conspiracy trying to take over the world. Just as he explains his theory another chatbox opens on the desktop with a black shades and suit wearing man. He explains that he works for Area 51 (or something like that) and that aliens exist and have invaded the internet to use it for their own nefarious plans.
Seth has a bit of a geekasm at the sheer awesomeness that is happening. Timmy however is less pleased.
The secret agent only known as Agent Barbara (which is something Seth finds hilarious cause he’s a man.) tells Timmy it is up to him to save the planet from extinction. When Timmy asks why it’s his responsibility Agent Barbara or “Babs” as Seth calls him explains that because Timmy is the one who downloaded the virus’ onto his computer, only he has the power to delete them.
So Timmy starts on his quest to destroy the virus’ infection of the internet as they slowly multiply and spread.
The alien hacker Boob occasionally deters Timmy through chatboxes as he hacks into the sites to make things harder for him and Seth does the same to help Timmy.
The banter between Boob, Seth and Agent Barbara should on epic proportions as Seth rips Babs and Boob for their names and Agent Barbara takes everything seriously. Boob just blunders and geeks his way through it, getting occasionally very angry and frustrated.
With these three characters battling over the chatboxes Timmy is left to fight the war against the virus’ over the net.
All of this culminates in a final battle with a mega virus monster at the edge of global destruction on the nuclear weapons launch site…

Marketing TIMMY.COM

We've decided to go down the whole viral marketing route for TIMMY.COM.

It's something that has worked extremely well in past cases and has been utilised for many large production projects.

Here are some ideas for the viral campaign:

- Full page internet adds that feature the website breaking down only to have a mini Timmy run onto screen, grab the cursor and shoot the site making a gaping hole that reveals the title: TIMMY.COM

- A short video advert of live action people discussing a huge internet viral invasion/meltdown and discussing rumours of a virus protection agent codenamed "Timmy"

There are more ideas and more advertising campaigns to be thought of!

Production Log - Week 5

Pre- production on the game has progressed a lot in one week. Jordan completed more designs for Seth.

These designs show a Seth that is a lot older with the key physical traits of previous designs. We've decided that the older Seth is our preferred design and have chosen to go with the whole "older out-of-college student that's unemployed and lives in his parents basement" kinda guy.

Will has done some sketches for possible enemies including the virus'. One design that everyone took to was the blobby, flesh type beings that can be designed with multiple personalities and looks. These are too organic looking to be the virus' so Jordan came up with the idea of them being previous people that have been sucked into the internet and left there to rot.

Will also conceptualised some shield type characters with Rayman style floating hands. Being as they are shield shaped and shields being the symbol for defence we thought these better suit the role of the anti-virus protectors that hunt down Timmy in the latter stages of the game.

We also have some very basic virus designs from Will that lead artists Jacob and Jordan will need to flesh out more. The one that we all like being a pixel monster in vain to the Space Invaders enemies.

Jacob has done even more designs for our main man Timmy. This time focusing on the costumes for him. we wanted to go down the whole geeky, yet slightly cool route so we've decided on a bow-tie, shirt and trainers combo.

As for the pitch which we will be doing very soon, Joe has done a basic template for the powerpoint presentation. It's very simple, clean and sleek which matches the whole technology/internet theme of the game. This will be fleshed out more once everyone had decided what they are going to be talking about in their segments of the pitch.

We also decided on some marketing directions we would like to go down for the game which will be detailed in the next blog post.


Will saved the day (yeah seriously) by coming up with a name for the game that everyone immediately loved: TIMMY.COM

It's simple, iconic and captures the whole game into one. Love it.


Friday, 15 October 2010

Game - Level Design

Level Structure:

In each level (7 in total) there will be-

Act 1- Standard platform section
Act 2- Standard platform section
Act 3-Chase scene
Act 4- Boss

In order to defeat the virus' Timmy has to lure them out of the website's "homeworld" and into the main homepage where they are vulnerable.

Therefore the chase scene will be a 3rd person vehicle/ sprint action sequence where the player controls Timmy and runs away from the main boss until they reach a portal that takes them to the 2D homepage back on the internet where the boss will then follow and become vulnerable. The boss fights will be set in a 2D mock version of the popular site's homepage.

Little Notes and Thoughts:

-Timmy during the chase scenes will have to call Seth and get him to hack into the website and open up a portal leading them to the homepage.

- Seth acts as the guide in the game therefore at certain times he will hack into the sites to help Timmy by either destroying enemies, dropping power-ups which are basically hacks that grant him special abilities, leaving him vehicles and so on.

- On one chase scene, Timmy is frantically escaping a closely pursuing boss. He's shouting for Seth to open up the portal cause the boss is catching up, a small window in-game appears in the corner of the screen showing a totally calm Seth grabbing food in the fridge downstairs while Timmy is fleeing for his life.

-The first boss battle with the Trojan Horse, there is the possibility of having the glare of the screen noticeable as if we're seeing it from Seth's perspective and as he shouts instructions to the panicking Timmy, flecks of spit will hit the screen obscuring the player's view.

-Saving the game could appear as a "Save As...Choose Location" etc. As if saving a document.

Production Log - Week 4

We started things off this week by looking at the work that everyone has done for their first tasks set last week. Jordan and Jacob had completed some character design concepts for our main character, Joe had completed a simple mock-up layout for a possible game cover design once the art assets had been completed. I had previously written the "FINAL IDEA" game design doc on this blog for my task and Will was set the task of creating some concept character designs for our "Virus" enemies. Will was off ill today so we never saw them.

We looked through Jordan and Jacob's character designs for the main protagonist. Jordan had gone for a geeky but cool look however the cool seemed more prominent in his designs. He also drew plenty of different potential assets for the character including, hair styles, hats, eyes, glasses and features etc. Jacob focused on two radically different concepts for the character; one a black afro cool guy, the other a white and nerdy kid. (Typical). He also had different poses and animation storyboard type sketches just demonstrating how they would move and react in game to certain enemies.

I personally loved the hair and cap that Jordan designed and the nerdy character that Jacob designed. We decided to go for a nerdy theme being as it's slightly different than the videogame protaganist norm and the movements sketched by Jacob were extremely comical in appearance and just seemed to fit within the game.

We then played with the designs and combined the aspects of each of the artists concepts in to different designs and finally settling on a final image. We played with the character's anatomy and the shape of his head and glasses to make him look more exaggerated, cute and comical.

We then went on to consider the names for the two main heroes in the game. Our main protagonist had the name "Timmy" as a placeholder in my blog and throughout the meeting today we kept referring to him as Timmy. This name stuck and once we saw the final design of the character we all came to the decision that the name Timmy works well and we should keep it as final.

The other character, Timmy's best friend who acts as a guide through the webcam had the placeholder name of "Jack" in my blog. We all sat and thought of how this character would look like so that Jordan can go home and work on concepts for him like last week. We decided to go for something like a chubby boy with curly hair. We then thought of a name and Jacob came up with "Seth" (Seth Rogen anyone?) and everyone immediately liked it.

So our two main characters are Timmy with his best friend and guide; Seth.

We next had a group discussion on the level structure and contents of the game which will be detailed in the next blog post.

Finally, the tasks were set for the deadline of next friday which is 22/10/10 although some members of the team are doing work for the monday.

This week's tasks are as follows:

Jacob- Concept outfits for Timmy
Jordan- Concept designs for Seth
Joe- Research on the websites we're basing our levels on.
Cameron- Character Bio's
Will- Task will be set on monday.

We're all doing great so far so keep it up lads!

End of Week 4.

Thursday, 14 October 2010



We have a normal teenage boy (Not decided on a name yet so we'll settle for Timmy). Timmy is on his computer like every other teenager after school. He notices something wrong on his monitor and calls his friend (Lets call him Jack for now) over to his house to come check it out.

The monitor becomes a pixelate garble and a horrible creature surfaces on the screen. Timmy whacks the monitor and his hand plunges through the screen. He gets sucked inside the monitor and lands on his desktop as a small pixel version of himself.

A large wooden trojan horse (which is the virus his comp has contracted) rolls onto the desktop and confronts him. Jack arrives in Timmy's house and see's what is happening on the monitor, he sticks on a microphone and webcam so that Timmy can see and hear him and acts as a tutorial to get Timmy through the first boss battle; the trojan horse.

Once Timmy beats the trojan horse it explodes and 7 pixel styled monsters scramble out of it and jump into the Internet through the desktop shortcut.

Jack tells Timmy that he must follow each of the virus' to the website they have landed in and retrieve them before they infect the whole of the internet and achieve world control.

Game Concept:

The player plays as "Timmy" jumping through websites beating each virus. There are 7 virus' that have escaped to their own websites so each website acts as a level with multiple acts and a boss battle at the end. The main weapon used is the mouse cursor which can turn into a hand to shoot bullet type projectiles or simply thrown as the arrow.

We wanted the game to be a retro styled run and gun through parodies of famous websites therefore we wanted the levels too look like the sites, as if the player is actually running along a computer monitor. However we realised that sites like Facebook and Twitter etc don't have the necessary layouts for a platformer.

I came up with the idea that Timmy uses the main homepage of the site and literally dives into it, Mario 64 style, into a whole new world which has features based on the site.

For example the Twitter world would be a fantastical land filled with giant blue birds, eggs and the infamous "fail whales". The levels would then take place in each world styled to a theme that would represent the site that hosts it, until the player reaches the final boss.

the final boss act would then be a vehicular chase scene in a 3rd person perspective that would finally result in Timmy bursting back onto the 2D homepage on the monitor of the site where the boss would then confront him.

It's hard to put that into writing but the dev team know what we mean by this.

So that leads us to week 4, where we'll have another meeting tomorrow. We've all had tasks to do, this blog being mine, so hopefully we'll have some work and concepts to look at tomorrow and we can discuss more on the character designs.

Things we need done to get decided tomorrow (15/10/10) : Title of the game, character names and a few possible designs, t team name!

See y'all tomorrow.

Production Log - Week 3

A lot changed within our team on the Friday meeting of week 3.

Will gave his opinion that the game concept that we had initially decided on was not something he was keen on carrying on with. he felt the idea had been done before and that the scope may just be too large for us to take on.

Joe agreed that we needed to all thing of a new idea.

Being team leader, I didn't want anyone in the team unhappy with what we was making as that would bring the whole group morale down like the past few weeks so I suggested we all start from scratch and begin anew.

We started off with brainstorming a few ideas of game scenarios, characters, genres etc to help us get a head start in what direction we wanted to go in.

A few points we came up with were:

- point & click (genre)
- Choices in game that effect the story outcome
-Distinctive storyline with developed characters
- Addictive gameplay
-Keep the game simple
-Strong soundtrack
-Distinctive art style
-Run & Gun (Genre)

Will came up with the idea of doing a Run & Gun game similar to the style of the old Metal Slug's and Contra's which everyone immediately agreed would be something they'd like to do.

We all decided pretty quickly that story and character-wise we didn't want to go down the military/army route as that has been done many times before and in this day & age feels pretty stale.

We brainstormed again for ideas on what we would like to include in our Run & Gun game.

We came up with the following:
-Different sections of the game condensed into the demo.
- Fantasy cartoon characters.
-Keep the controls simple and intuitive.
-Switch perspectives in certain key points of the game.
-Comic Style.
-Japanese character??
-Guitar (weapons)
-Pet Goat (LOLWHUT)
-Normal teenage boy (character)

We then after about half an hour of brainstorming came up with a concept that became the final game idea and has set the ball rolling for our FMP...

Pre Production Log week 2

Week 2 was when I joined the group the following Monday. Once I'd been filled in on the game concept and where the group was headed I assumed the role of games designer and endeavoured to add more to the game like Mike suggested so that there was actual gameplay involved.

We though of a possible side-scroller in the same style as Scott Pilgrim VS The World that has some strategic elements in it that could effect the character you play as and his abilities throughout the game. This would keep the foundational elements of strategy that was discussed in the first game concept yet added more on to it to widen the audience appeal more.

The group however failed to truly conceptualise this idea and left unsatisfied with what we had. Jordan and I discussed that we should pitch my game design; Fragmented to the group in the friday lesson and see what they think as we wasn't entirely convinced that the older game concept of strategy and menu based gameplay would be the best idea for us to work on.

On the Friday I pitched the game to the rest of the group and said I would be happy to step up as team leader once Will showed an interest in stepping down as he had less ideas for the game itself. We decided on working on Fragmented.


Part 3D third person shooter that due to not being a full dev team we would only be able to do concept art for these parts.
Part 2D platformer which is what we'd focus on creating for our demo.
The game is based on the journey of a schizophrenic man who lives in his head in a cartoon world (2D platform stages) and in the real world (3D stages) gets caught up in a gang war in the streets of New York City while trying to rescue his girlfriend. The cute and cuddly monsters from his cartoon mind started to enter the real world.

We decided we would just work on the 2D sections of the game for our demo and then do concept art for the 3D sections which would then show that we have much grander plans for the game given we had the right resources.

End Of Week 2

Production Logs - Week 1

Just to recap everything that has happened the past few weeks and how far we've come, here are my production logs, starting from week 1.

I was off ill on the first Friday in which our team was formed. While I was away Will Larcombe stepped up to be team leader and came up with a game design of a strategic music based game in which the player plays as a band manager trying to manage his band to the top.

Gameplay would be similar to that of Football Manager and would focus on being a simple enough game so that most people would just be able to pick up and play, so naturally an Arcade title.

Mike (Tutor) suggested there needed to be plenty more meat on the bones when it comes to the actual gameplay for the game being as the game was lacking in a certain play-style with a story and characters etc.

The team agreed that the idea needed fleshing out more.

End Of Week 1.

The Blog Is Up!

Alright lads the blog is live and this is where all of the main information regarding the game and our tasks will be kept so make sure you check it regularly.
Also my production logs for each week, summarising what we covered and what we'll be doing next week will be up here too!

Comment on here or just lemme know what your Dev Diary blog address is so we can all follow each other.