Friday, 15 October 2010

Production Log - Week 4

We started things off this week by looking at the work that everyone has done for their first tasks set last week. Jordan and Jacob had completed some character design concepts for our main character, Joe had completed a simple mock-up layout for a possible game cover design once the art assets had been completed. I had previously written the "FINAL IDEA" game design doc on this blog for my task and Will was set the task of creating some concept character designs for our "Virus" enemies. Will was off ill today so we never saw them.

We looked through Jordan and Jacob's character designs for the main protagonist. Jordan had gone for a geeky but cool look however the cool seemed more prominent in his designs. He also drew plenty of different potential assets for the character including, hair styles, hats, eyes, glasses and features etc. Jacob focused on two radically different concepts for the character; one a black afro cool guy, the other a white and nerdy kid. (Typical). He also had different poses and animation storyboard type sketches just demonstrating how they would move and react in game to certain enemies.

I personally loved the hair and cap that Jordan designed and the nerdy character that Jacob designed. We decided to go for a nerdy theme being as it's slightly different than the videogame protaganist norm and the movements sketched by Jacob were extremely comical in appearance and just seemed to fit within the game.

We then played with the designs and combined the aspects of each of the artists concepts in to different designs and finally settling on a final image. We played with the character's anatomy and the shape of his head and glasses to make him look more exaggerated, cute and comical.

We then went on to consider the names for the two main heroes in the game. Our main protagonist had the name "Timmy" as a placeholder in my blog and throughout the meeting today we kept referring to him as Timmy. This name stuck and once we saw the final design of the character we all came to the decision that the name Timmy works well and we should keep it as final.

The other character, Timmy's best friend who acts as a guide through the webcam had the placeholder name of "Jack" in my blog. We all sat and thought of how this character would look like so that Jordan can go home and work on concepts for him like last week. We decided to go for something like a chubby boy with curly hair. We then thought of a name and Jacob came up with "Seth" (Seth Rogen anyone?) and everyone immediately liked it.

So our two main characters are Timmy with his best friend and guide; Seth.

We next had a group discussion on the level structure and contents of the game which will be detailed in the next blog post.

Finally, the tasks were set for the deadline of next friday which is 22/10/10 although some members of the team are doing work for the monday.

This week's tasks are as follows:

Jacob- Concept outfits for Timmy
Jordan- Concept designs for Seth
Joe- Research on the websites we're basing our levels on.
Cameron- Character Bio's
Will- Task will be set on monday.

We're all doing great so far so keep it up lads!

End of Week 4.

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