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We have a normal teenage boy (Not decided on a name yet so we'll settle for Timmy). Timmy is on his computer like every other teenager after school. He notices something wrong on his monitor and calls his friend (Lets call him Jack for now) over to his house to come check it out.

The monitor becomes a pixelate garble and a horrible creature surfaces on the screen. Timmy whacks the monitor and his hand plunges through the screen. He gets sucked inside the monitor and lands on his desktop as a small pixel version of himself.

A large wooden trojan horse (which is the virus his comp has contracted) rolls onto the desktop and confronts him. Jack arrives in Timmy's house and see's what is happening on the monitor, he sticks on a microphone and webcam so that Timmy can see and hear him and acts as a tutorial to get Timmy through the first boss battle; the trojan horse.

Once Timmy beats the trojan horse it explodes and 7 pixel styled monsters scramble out of it and jump into the Internet through the desktop shortcut.

Jack tells Timmy that he must follow each of the virus' to the website they have landed in and retrieve them before they infect the whole of the internet and achieve world control.

Game Concept:

The player plays as "Timmy" jumping through websites beating each virus. There are 7 virus' that have escaped to their own websites so each website acts as a level with multiple acts and a boss battle at the end. The main weapon used is the mouse cursor which can turn into a hand to shoot bullet type projectiles or simply thrown as the arrow.

We wanted the game to be a retro styled run and gun through parodies of famous websites therefore we wanted the levels too look like the sites, as if the player is actually running along a computer monitor. However we realised that sites like Facebook and Twitter etc don't have the necessary layouts for a platformer.

I came up with the idea that Timmy uses the main homepage of the site and literally dives into it, Mario 64 style, into a whole new world which has features based on the site.

For example the Twitter world would be a fantastical land filled with giant blue birds, eggs and the infamous "fail whales". The levels would then take place in each world styled to a theme that would represent the site that hosts it, until the player reaches the final boss.

the final boss act would then be a vehicular chase scene in a 3rd person perspective that would finally result in Timmy bursting back onto the 2D homepage on the monitor of the site where the boss would then confront him.

It's hard to put that into writing but the dev team know what we mean by this.

So that leads us to week 4, where we'll have another meeting tomorrow. We've all had tasks to do, this blog being mine, so hopefully we'll have some work and concepts to look at tomorrow and we can discuss more on the character designs.

Things we need done to get decided tomorrow (15/10/10) : Title of the game, character names and a few possible designs, t team name!

See y'all tomorrow.

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