Friday, 10 June 2011


Here we are, three weeks till the end and TIMMY.COM is steamrolling to the end of the finish line.

We now have a completed trailer to show at the Confetti Showcase along with a level that with a bit of work should be completed or near completion to demonstrate.

Jordan has finished the storyboards for the opening cinematic and the voicework has been recorded for these. Some of the storyboards and recorded voicework have been included in the trrailer however they all need to be placed together in some form of pre-production animatic.

The GDD is well on it's way to being completed with Jordan adding more to his section now that he has took on new roles within the team what with two members leaving after Easter.

It's full steam ahead for the Imaginauts now not only to finish the level and soundtrack but also t resubmit a hell of a lot of assignments to get those all important grades!

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