Monday, 27 June 2011

2 weeks to go!

The Confetti Student Showcase was this week and we got a chance to show off our level and get some invaluable feedback from our testers.

Here's what we gleaned from their response:

-Controls needed to be simplified. They got confused with the the option to run forward and backwards.

- They loved the models of clouds, plants and creatures and felt it added more personality to the experience.

- They also really liked the story and felt it had lots of potential with funny characters.

- Most struggled on the platforming section where the players needed to hop across the mountain but nearly all insisted on keeping it that way as it added to the challenge and overall addictiveness to the gameplay.

So overall it's seems like we've made something that we should be really proud of and I for one am definitely proud. We've fixed the controls so it's now easier to play so that should no longer be an issue.

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