Friday, 10 June 2011

Opening Cinematic Script

Opening Scene Introduction Cutscene

Opening shot of Earth in space, camera changes to a CCTV-esque view with data streaming down the side. A shadow creeps around the side of the planet foreshadowing the imminent attack.

A small signal appears from the planet, represented by a green beam of light. The tapping of keyboards can be heard and another three beams of light shoot out from the planet. The planet bursts in light with beams shooting out and criss-crossing all over the place. Voices can be heard while this happens.


Tracking system in place. Any activity made by them and we will be alerted.


Timmy? Timmy, come on ICU as soon as you get this message dude! Ive uhhh, procured a copy of that, uhh game you wanted. You know. The urm... animal one.


Im online! Send it.

Zoom into the planet, through the clouds and into the atmosphere. Past a plane. Slow-motion as the camera pans to the left to see through the window of the plane, zoom into the window as someone turns on a mobile phone. Zoom out to see the plane plummet to the sea. The camera resumes normal pace and carries on zooming through the sky (Birdseye).

A flock of birds are overhead as the camera zooms, the birds pass leaving one straggling behind as the camera gets closer. The camera slams into the bird with a squawk and knocks in down. The camera continues to zoom through streets.

A woman is seen with a mobile phone and the message sending screen on it. The camera shoots into the phone screen and into a cyber highway following a neon glowing envelope shooting along the tunnel. Past pictures in the background, beeping sounds can be heard and dialling tones. The letter plummets through the cyber highway, passing loop-the-loops and spirals with data constantly streaming everywhere. It separates from the rest of the data into a singular road and a massive white portal can be seen with a boys face peering into it. The camera shoots past the envelope and into the white portal, back into the real world where the boy sees hes received a text. The camera flies out of the window and towards a telephone pole where it shoots along the phone cables where occasional sparks emit. We fly into yet another house where a fat ginger mulleted boy can be seen squashed into a black chair in a darkly lit room that looks like a bomb has hit it.

Seths Mum

SETH! Dinners ready! Tater tots!


Just a seco- WAIT. TATER TOTS?!

He flings himself out of the chair with a struggle and flies out of the room. The camera zooms into his computer monitor where File Transfer 76% can be seen. Back into the internet highway we see the file as a black cloud of swirling pixelated data with a Trojan horse in the centre. The horse smashes the highway completely and flies into oncoming data of pictures, videos etc and utterly destroys them as it passes.

It continues its rampage along the highway.

A shot of two fat pixel men in a pill shaped car sitting eating data, in an internet coffee shop. We see their eyes follow the rampaging Trojan as it careens past them. They spurt out their data and flick on the sirens joining in the chase in order to prevent the virus.


This is squad 6 we have a rogue Trojan heading through the ICU mainframe. We need all available patrols here stat!


(Static) Roger that, we err got it on the monitor. Good gigabytes that is a doozy. Stop it at all costs!

The Cyber Police-car shoots lazers out of its front which just bounce off the Trojan and black cloud data. A high speed chase ensues throughout the highway until the Trojan stops and slowly turns to face the entire squadron of ensuing Cyber Police. It slowly opens its mouth.

Close up of a Cyber Police.


Holy blue screen of death, were screwed.

A wave of black swirling data shoots out of the Trojan horse, destroying everything in its wake.

It turns around and shoots into a single road where a portal showing two tiny eyes surrounded by massive specs can be seen. The camera zooms out of the computer and rotates to see the silhouette of Timmy as the File Transfer Complete pings up on his monitor.

Its a tense moment of silence with a slow drone of music. The phone suddenly rings and Timmy literally leaps into the air in shock. He scrambles out of his seat and runs out of the room. The camera slowly pans to the computer. The screen flickers slightly and distorts as the File Transfer Complete remains on screen with almost a black haze surrounding it. The cursor on this screen slowly moves. Then it moves again, this time more noticeable as the black smoke emits out of the message on the monitor slowly dragging it nearer. The cursor clicks the save file button and the virus appears as a folder on the desktop. A sweet lullaby is slowly played as the camera zooms out to reveal the whole room with Timmy standing at the door.


Yes Mum I fed the dog. Ive got a pizza in the oven, itll be done in about 40 minutes. I wont leave it on OK?! That was an accident. Yes I remember. Ok. Fine. No one was hurt though. I promise I wont burn it this time. Fine. See you later. Have fun.

He sits back at the monitor. The camera zooms past him and onto the monitor again.


You there Seth? Its transferred, already saved onto my desktop somehow hm.


(Munching crips) Opfen Itf!

The camera slowly does a rotational pan away from the screen and to Timmys face revealing him for the first time, his eyes scrunched in concentration.


Here goes nothing.

The camera continues the rotational pan back onto the monitor where the player will control the cursor.

They will have to click the file and open it to start the game

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