Monday, 27 June 2011

Final Week!

This is it.

The final week at Confetti and the end of Imaginauts' long journey. We've had our ups and downs and fought through the challenges but tomorrow when we submit our level will be our final victory!

There are however a few things that need to be done on the cusp of this final milestone. We need a collection of Will's songs all together in soundtrack form ready to submit with the Timmy.COM final package. We also need to replace the textures we got from UDK with our own made textures to fit the colourful theme. I don't feel the overly realistic textures that we've used for the platforms matches the cartoony and colourful theme of Timmy.COM so therefore we're going to create our own.

I've decided to go for standard block colours for our textures to match everything else that we have in the level (clouds, trees, flowers etc)

Finally we need to piece all of our written work together into one large production diary and Game Design Doc. With this complete we'll be well on our way to those Distinctions!

I'll be making the final post tomorrow when everything is about to be submitted...

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